Entreculturas ONG Jesuita para la educación y el desarrollo
Entreculturas ONG Jesuita para la educación y el desarrollo
Entreculturas ONG Jesuita para la educación y el desarrollo
Entreculturas ONG Jesuita para la educación y el desarrollo TAKE ACTION



1. "Happy Circles" in Guatemala for listening to girls and boosting their self-esteem

Fe y Alegría Guatemala promotes spaces in schools that provide psychosocial support and services for girls. Various group activities and artistic and musical expression workshops provide girls a safe place to express themselves and share.

2. Psychosocial care for girls who are victims of domestic violence in Haiti

We implemented a school psychosocial care programme at Fe y Alegría Haiti for girls who are victims of domestic violence. In addition to the individual support and care that helps girls rebuild their self-esteem, the group dynamics with other girls, which include artistic and cultural expression, gives the group the opportunity to build positive relationships and bonds.

3. "Girls clubs" to promote menstrual hygiene and health in Chad

We work together with the Jesuit Refugee Service in Chad to provide support to girls and adolescents by distributing personal hygiene products, building latrines and safe spaces for girls, and providing training in sexual and reproductive health issues.

Spaces (clubs) have been created where girls can freely express their questions and concerns about menstruation, physical and emotional changes during puberty, how to prevent early pregnancy and sexual violence.

4. School reinforcement for at-risk displaced girls in DR Congo

Through the Jesuit Refugee Service in DR Congo we support access toeducation and continuity of learning, particularly for at-risk and displaced girls, prioritising those who take care of family members (minors and the elderly).

In response to the high dropout rate for refugee girls, the initiativeimpacts training through sessions and workshops that help girls prepare for final exams. These training sessions not only makes them better prepared but alsoboosts their confidence and self-esteem

5. Comprehensive support for pregnant girls in Nicaragua

Through joint efforts with the basic ecclesial communities (BECs) in Nicaragua, we provide prevention service and care for girls and adolescents who experience child marriage and early pregnancies. We support the continuity of learning through scholarships, offer medical and psychological support and help girls create a life project or plan as a method for generating positive changes in their lives. We also work to involve families and raise their awareness about these issues.

6. Teacher training to identify and detect violence against girls in Peru

Together with Fe y Alegría Peru, we are incorporating training plans in schools to train teachers in the detection and identification of cases of violence against girls.

Teachers are given the necessary tools to serve and refer girls who are victims of violence. Likewise, the school works in coordination with the relevant institutions to guarantee comprehensive care for girls.